The Iron Fortress Gym: Where the gains live.

Who: Who is Iron Fortress? Iron fortress is a two man operation. Between the two of us, we have well over fifteen years of experience in personal training, power lifting, and gym management. I have my B.S in Exercise Science and since college I have trained both competitive athletes and non-athletes ranging in age from 13 to 70 (literally 70-she was a beast).

We are competitive power lifters with a background and focus in functional (strongman) training, which we like to implement when working with our clients.

At Iron Fortress, we are concerned with substance over fluff. What does that mean? It means that our focus is to help each individual member set, and work toward, their health and fitness related goals.

What: A power lifting and strongman style gym that offers personal training and group fitness, as well as a massage therapist and a physician on location.

When: GRAND OPENING on Saturday October 1st.

Where: 4250 E. Broadway Ste. 860 Columbia, Mo, 65201


At Iron Fortress Gym we exist to:

  • To EDUCATE clients about a holistic approach to health and fitness, so they can discern truth from lies.

  • To EMPOWER clients to win (set goals and get results) with specific and attainable goals

  • To ENRICH our community by building relationships and making a positive impact.

In other words, this is our profession and our passion.

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